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Monday, April 18, 2011

A learning experience

This morning a farm sit and I am learning to speak goat! I am picking up on their body language while playing with them. We had another farm sit afterwards and enjoyed the little baby goat once again. We stopped and watched the eagle sitting on the nest and what a big nest!

Before we left in the morning I noticed Angel was off her feed. When we came back she was starting to show signs of colic. I called the vet and sure enough when they came out she was impacted. We are not sure what brought it on, maybe the weather change or not enough water (Angel uses her water bucket as a potty sometimes and then can't get fresh water till morning). I hung another bucket so now she has two in case she messes one of them up.

Anyway, colic = checking every two hours, hand walking, grazing grass, no grain and limited hay. She also got electrolytes. The vet did a sedative, rectal exam, ultra sound, and tubed her. Angel will most likely have to be tubed again if she doesn't start passing some major poop! Poor girl, she has been calm and moved when I asked her to. I brushed her and rubbed her down really good to help relieve some of her discomfort. It's going to be a long night as I will have to check on her.

More rain today, yuk. I want to get so many things done but can't because of the cold and wet. On the positive side, the arena, part of the outdoor grounds, and the block building are going to be used for some events here for canines, and one class of equine massage. It will be nice to bring people in for different things and at the same time offer services to their pets. 

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