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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Riding lessons of a different sort

This evening I got restless and decided to clean things up in the barn and start a fire in the back to burn some sticker bushes before they got started.

Kylie wanted to ride Cody and Griff wanted to give us both a lesson on riding a scooter (we call it his man scooter which of course he doesn't like). Anyway, first I try and ride which was hilarious because he is on back and I get nervous and hit the gas and he flies around like a daddy long leg on the back trying not to fall off.

I take a spin by myself and did pretty pathetic but started to get the hang of it. Next, he helps Kylie learn and being so young of course she did well right off the bat. She had a good time with the scooter and then she rode Cody bareback. I put the saddle on him and rode too and almost got Griff on but he wiggled out of it. We did get a commitment from him that he would soon and I think he will.

We had fun tonight and it's nice to be able to spend an evening relaxing and doing fun things instead of working or worrying. Tomorrow is Easter and I'm not sure what we will do but Kylie might try riding Aubrey. I think the horses were sad to see the scooter go in hopes that maybe it would get ridden more and they would be ridden less! 

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