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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sunshine abounds and happier days

Yesterday I let my horses out for a couple of hours on the big pasture. I let them out before evening feeding time and they came trotting back when I called them. When the grass is green they don't always come back on their own but they did well. I checked them last night and this morning to make sure I didn't see any signs of colic and they are all good. Less grain in the evening from now on when they go to the big pasture so they don't get overwhelmed.

I will be happy when I can let them out most of the day and night. I am sure they will delight in being out also. I am fighting off the drowsy feeling which is from my sinuses. There is so much to do and so many plans I have for this summer. I can't afford to nap through it!

Kylie is getting ready for her mini vacation in the first week of June. Friends are taking her because I will have to stay behind and work. I want her to have a great time and I'll miss being with her but right now it is important to focus on the business here.

We have had a couple of people from Cleveland come down and get aged manure for their gardens. They were very happy to get it and I was happy that they love their gardens so much and the fresh good food that comes from it. I wish things were more like the old ways instead of the throw away society we have now.

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