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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Claiming Hay, the pom pom of shame, the Lord blesses the business

Aubrey and Echo had horse play time yesterday because they love to play and jump and run. They worked up a real sweat with the jumping and we let them out to cool off. There was a slight drizzle and a pile of hay left from the huge round bale that Preacher has eaten almost exclusively. Aubrey threw himself down in the middle of the hay and rolled wildly, not sure what it was about but we thought he had claimed they hay, luckily Preacher was locked in his stall.

While we are on the subject of Preacher he is the patriarch of his part of the herd. He can be extremely possessive of what he deems his. Most of the time Preacher is reasonable and throws a few bluffs and sometimes he charges with his mouth open and really leaves a nasty bite on somebodies behind. I don't like it when he does this to Mare Girl cause she is usually minding her own business and she's an older/senior horse. The behavior usually occurs at the gate if I don't bring Preacher in right away and that's when I interfere with the status quo. Suddenly, the pom pom of shame appears. The plastic cheer leading pom pom handle fits into Preachers halter and when he chases another horse and he opens his mouth the fringes tickle his nose leaving Preacher basically with a bark but no bite. Preacher avoids me when the pom pom appears and he despises it but it is a safe way to keep injuries from occurring and eventually Preacher will go back outside till it's time to come in.

The phone hasn't stopped ringing all day. We have had calls and emails to schedule classes in the barn for horse massage, dog classes, and even from people who want to volunteer. I have a contact for kenneling business and several farm sitting gigs. I'd like to say that it is my expert marketing skills (which don't exist) but that would be an untruth. The Lord has all but thrown people in front of me that can help build Kindred Acres into a go to place for pets in general. Many people with special talents like a herbalist, horse and canine massage therapists, dog trainers, and an animal communicator. Some things we can start offering is a chance to try agility, off lead playtime, I am hoping to have some nutritional classes for horses and canines here. The Lord has ordered our steps so I praise Him now for his goodness. 

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