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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mare Girl this afternoon

Thanks to Dr. Naso at Willow Creek! Angel has been passing stuff but getting colicky on and off this afternoon. Dr. Naso did another tube with something to dissolve the blockage. The routine now begins again with walking, a little hay, and a little grass every two hours or so.

I was thinking while walking Angel around the arena and why I love senior horses. When a horse can't keep up with the herd anymore they naturally get shunned from the herd because a sick or weak horse attracts predators (in the wild). These horses need a helping hand because like anyone that ages they can't always do everything on their own anymore.

Every senior horse I work with bonds with me and starts to depend on me for help. They'll look for me, wait for me, signal me when they want something (Satire) and appreciate the care I give them. I brush them to comfort them and love on them. I give them pep talks and scold them if they don't put up a fight when they need to. I'll stand with them when the vet comes to do something scary and soothe them. I'll visit them at night and make sure they are okay. I don't want them to suffer and be alone.

I wish the world were a little kinder, it helps me to help others and especially a senior horse. Occasionally, I witness great kindness in people and in animals and I believe it's just a glimpse of God's love and mercy. We need to imitate that as much as we are able to truly be more in His image. 

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