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Monday, April 4, 2011

Renewing myself and my love for...

The rain poured today, the barn is damp. I didn't have another farm gig to do so I took it easy this morning. I wondered out around 1:00 to feed Satire and Angel the two seniors who need to be fed more than twice a day and I decided to brush Cody and exercise him a bit.

Cody is still handsome after all of these years and his white and red coat is starting to shine. I tweaked his food a little and he is starting to fill in over his sides and back and hips and move better. Cody and I have been together for 16 years and we've seen some stuff! Of course lunging him is easy and we could both do it in our sleep. He raised his tail for me today when he cantered and he was feeling good. I was relaxed and happy to watch his movements and appreciate the fact that his back legs are getting stronger.

I took time to condition Cody's mane and tail like the old days and to take the itchy shedding fur off of his face. So many years passed when I wanted to do more with him but couldn't. That's what happens when you raise a child alone, you have to put your own interests aside. I don't regret it and I tried to make Cody happy by giving a nice place to live. I never sold him because as it goes with horses they end up here and there. I feel a loyalty to my animals as God commands that we care for them properly.

Now here I am well into my 40's and Cody is about 18. His trot and canter are smoother now and he is just happy spending time with me. He was always good but he's quieter now. He has a great herd and his own round bale. I can ride him whenever I want and visit him at night when he is laying down in his stall.

We have time now to make up for lost time. To dream together and pretend it was as it was when we were both younger and full of ourselves. A woman loves a horse differently than a man does, it's deeper, it's almost spiritual, and on a different level that is mysterious and fathomless.

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