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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Emmie's story

I feel compelled to tell Emmie our beloved cat (barn manager) personal story. Emmie was less than a year old and on her last day at a shelter before being destroyed. A friend who rescues animals called me and ask if I would take a cat for my barn and that if I said yes she'd transport her to me.

When I got home from work I found a delicate, sweet, but fiercely independent Kitty in a crate in my garage. Emmie took awhile to warm up but she has been a faithful mouser in our old barn and in our new one. She has trudged through deep snow to accompany me while doing chores and no matter how cold she will walk in my foot steps. Sometimes she has allowed me to pick her up and carry her from the mud room to the barn and back in extreme weather conditions but no matter what she insists on going with me.

When we moved Emmie stood guard over our old house until a family moved into it. The old house and barn is just a field away from our farm. Emmie loves the bigger barn and spends her days napping, mousing, and supervising all the day to day work. Emmie escorts the horses in and out of their stalls to pasture or to be exercised. She is always inspecting the new sawdust as it is being unloaded as well as feed and hay. Batting around a frozen road apple is not beneath her either!

Emmie who came to us on her last day. A little furry blessing in every way. I love happy endings!

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