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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 14 and 15 Saving Carol

Yesterday I was too tired and too overwhelmed to write about anything on the blog. I moved things to the new house and met with the family that will eventually be boarding Cody and Aubrey. They are moving 5 minutes away from the new house and have a barn and land for a pasture. They will be taking Mare Girl too once they build another stall on the barn which will happen by October. She will have a permanent home there with a small herd. I will have to make arrangements for two months for her somewhere which I know will be hard on her but in the end she will be situated for life and I will always be around to see that she is cared for and loved.

Money has been pouring out in all directions with turning on utilities, bills, everything here. I am just panicking over money. Once we move and I get done with training I will be in good shape with overtime and we will be able to recover and live within our means. Right now though I could just pass out with anxiety. I prayed last night to God that he would help because although He has blessed us with a wonderful new beginning I can't accomplish the financial part alone, I just can't and have a fresh start.

This morning I got a phone call before 8:00 and it was my good friend Marge who liquidates estates and auctions everything. I told her I'd be traveling again for work and had a great deal to sell that we weren't taken with us and I was overwhelmed. Marge is going to come over and start posting things for me and will meet with the buyers. Marge can sell anything and she so wants to help us. A burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, with the barn, working, moving and everything else there wasn't enough time or energy for me to do this. God has heard my prayer and answered. I am not alone in this and He is helping to take somethings off my shoulders. Thank you, Lord. 

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