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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good stories ahead

I over slept a little today but got up and got going. I had trouble focusing today on work but made it through. The drive in and back home is not bad at all thank goodness. When I got home I adjusted all of the dog collars and they pretty much got the idea of where the boundaries are and letting them out in the morning will be much easier now.

We took the truck load of sawdust to the new barn, cleaned stalls, and visited with all the regulars. They let our horses out and Cody got really possessive of Mare Girl and struck out at me. I guess he is in love and maybe she might be going into season which would explain a lot. She hasn't pooped in her bucket so that means she is not upset about anything.

The little ones haven't been out yet because I have to build their little fence which I will do soon. I couldn't find any close but found shoes. We bought some groceries and I bought a pair of jeans. Tomorrow evening I will be able to start unpacking stuff and hopefully will stumble on clothes and socks, I hope.

The house is really nice and hanging around with trail riding people is even better. I'm not really into shows and clicks but I do enjoy folks that are into the horses themselves. Kylie had a chance to socialize with kids her own age and mess around in the stalls etc.

The time flew by this evening with all the loose ends. Mare is getting extra feed and a good fat supplement and with her teeth being done she should be gaining weight for winter. The barn uses beat pulp in the winter like I do which is great, they all have a round bale too.

I bought detergent and now can start washing things, shampoo is also nice to have and since we don't know where everything is yet I just bought some.

I'm tired but happy and I look forward to having happy stories from now on. I know things will be a little tight for awhile but eventually we will be comfortable. I have some pictures of different things I will post this weekend. That will be a start.  

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