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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sawdust and Hay

This morning was rough driving because I was very sleepy, I would have been early except there was a big back up this morning on the highway. I drank a lot of coffee and made it through the day but when I got home I fell asleep on the couch for an hour.

I got up and Dave brought the rest of the sawdust and hay to the barn so we unloaded it. I took Kylie down to the round about in town where there is a Subway, there isn't much but everything is small town and laid back. It was very relaxing.

I am doing laundry now and will be going to sleep soon, this has been a long week. I will be sleeping in some this weekend.

The animals are adjusting and Kylie is getting back into the school groove. I'm happy, I still have to deal with the issue of if I have to go back to court on the old place and getting caught up on bills but we have a new life now and everything will eventually work it's self out.

I have to admit I am so used to struggling that I have a hard time excepting things are better. I still get scared when I am tired and try and worry. I guess it will take time to recover from the trauma of the past few months. Of course, a weekend here and some time to just relax may cure that. 

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