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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 29, not enough time in the day

This morning Jim did not make it out for the fence and the folks that were supposed to get the hay and sawdust lost their horse last night to colic so they will come later in the week. My brother jumped in and did laundry and helped to clean out the basement. Josh and Kylie took things I want to sell out to the road, I steam cleaned some chairs and we took a truck load over to the new house.

I stopped at Home Depot and rented a machine and laid down the in ground fence wire for the dogs. All that is left is to connect the wires and buy three more collars and the dogs are good to go. I got home around 6:00 and rested for a little while and then took Cooper down and gave him a bath and brushed and dried him. I cut all lot of his feathers off and cleaned him up. The dogs are a month ahead of schedule on shedding, they are loosing their coats dramatically so nature is in a hurry. I will groom each dog before Saturday so that they go to the new house in good shape.

Mare is doing well with her new herd and the gray feral cat in the barn allowed Kylie to pick her up and pet her tonight. I am relieved because I know now we will be able to take her with us without the trauma of trapping her.

Daniel is having anxiety attacks because of all the moving activity and I am trying to calm him but he probably won't settle down until after the move.

I'm tired but there is so much more to do. It doesn't look like we will have more than a couple of people to help move Saturday so I will have to work on that.

My brother got stopped by the neighbor and it turns out the owner of this place called the neighbor to ask what was going on here and to tell him he took us to court and probably a lot more negative things. The neighbors all know how much work and money I have put into this place so I am taking it with a grain of salt.

I am over this place and battling and I am not going down the petty road and slinging things back and forth. I think the owner thinks I am going to steal stuff or destroy things or whatever which is sad because I wouldn't do that.

I am very happy now though going to the new place and experiencing peace and knowing with a good job and a new home that we will be okay. My bills are getting paid off on schedule and although it will still take a few months to get things behind us as far as finances it will happen without having to go to bed at night with a crushing weight on my shoulders.

I do hope this place sells so that someone can put life into it and positive things and the negative things that have taken place here in the past will be forever forgotten. I also hope the owners find peace and are able to get their money and go on with their lives. I am not responsible for their success or happiness, only they can choose to move on and get past the feuding and blame now.

I have met so many people that I work with and while traveling that have lost their homes and survived devastation and had to rebuild their lives. I am not alone but am very blessed as many people have said, it all turned out for the best. 

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