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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

day 16 persecution

Yesterday I had a long flight and layover, my brother is staying with Kylie. I was wiped out last night so no post. This morning I felt pretty good just tired. In between class I did a lot of phone calling, things are starting to sell and I had to talk to Lloyd.

In the midst of trying to do what I need to keep this wonderful job, move, and balance everything including Mare Girl, the owners of the farm are again serving papers. Kylie ended up signing again and she is a minor. There is no law that says they can't serve a minor but it has really traumatized her now for the second time. The original papers where missing signatures which my attorney brought to the courts attention and they had to be refiled, there attorney won't return my attorney's messages so they don't even know we are moving. This is all about persecuting. Losing all of my retirement and the months of hell, plus improving their property isn't enough basically.

Lloyd took it with a grain of salt because he is used to such things, I tried calming Kylie down from where I am now. I told her not to let them steal her peace, basically that is what this is all about, to strike out and hurt someone. No matter the outcome, although it may make it more difficult for us, we have a new life and we have been greatly blessed, they can't change that so I feel that I won't allow them to inflict anything else on us, it will all be deflected.

I would really appreciate folks including myself to pray for the owners. I think they are so bitter and embattled with their circumstances and feel I am to blame for not financing the property that they want to strike out at us. Really, in the end it doesn't make anything better so I pray for them to find peace and somehow get through having to sell the farm and go on with their lives, maybe accept that the price of the farm may not bale them out of their circumstances. Of course God can make things right for them just not in a way they would expect. The bible says to pray for people, especially when they are spiteful. Lets see if the good Lord will take the ugliness out of this and turn it into something good for them as well. 

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