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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Winding down

I ran out of energy today and had a very long nap, I felt guilty with so much to do but I have to admit I feel much better. I have to travel again next week but my brother is here for the week and will try to get things done while I am gone.

I tied up some loose ends this evening with paper work and will be ready to travel tomorrow. I'll be able to do phone/paperwork from the hotel and try to keep on stuff.

The move is two weeks away so it will be interesting how every things shakes out. I will be in a coma by then I am thinking.

The dogs have accepted that things are being moved and Nana has settled down again. Kylie is excited but procrastinating getting her stuff together. She starts school the Monday after the move. I am excited for her to be able to settle in and really have time to put into school. She is home schooled and the entire thing is online for her.

I took the big yellow truck over to the new place and pulled her into the garage. There is a place to park her in there from now on, such luxury, however will we cope. I am typing right now and just realized one of the dogs has a bad case of gas, hopefully I will be able to finish this without passing out!

The grass is greening up finally after getting some decent rain. It was much cooler today which is a blessing because the truck doesn't have AC. Kylie and I walked the new land where we are moving and there are a couple of ponds next door, huge fields behind us as far as you can see that are growing crops. It's awesome, there are train tracks at the end of our property and a train came through, it will be interesting how the dogs and horse react at first. They will get used to it and the trains only run about two or three times in a 24 hour time span. I was raised near train tracks so at night it will be the sound of an old friend to me.

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