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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Exhausted but still going

Showed the tractor twice today which is good. The first buyer wanted to trade a tractor which is half the size and very little cash so that is a no. The second likes the tractor but is going to do some research and get back to me.

I sold the wardrobe, got the washer hauled away, and the kitchen island goes tomorrow. Plenty left to sell and it will be so nice not to have to drag everything with me. We hit the Salvation Army with about 5 bags and we aren't done yet. I have found that I have acquired many things that can be sold or now used in the new house that matches the interior and will enhance the rooms. I just haven't had time or space to really put things in order here.

I'm really tired still from traveling and the rest of the things today. I did run Big Red and moved dirt and cleaned things up a bit. That was fun for me and I am enjoying just playing a little before I move her or sell her.

Going to a stables tomorrow for Mare Girl, still can't reach her owner and her friends have basically walked away so it's up to me entirely. Mike's horses leave Wednesday and I know she'll be upset because that is her herd. We'll just have to do the best we can until I can move her to her new forever barn. I been praying for the path to be laid for her and that it will all work out with no snags. I really have a huge amount of things to accomplish in a very small amount of time.

I am hoping everyone who is going to help move will be here when we need them. I have a gray cat that is feral and stays in the barn. It will take a tremendous effort to catch her and take her with us. She may end up at the little barn with Mare, we'll see.

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