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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 23,24,25 not much longer

I am finally done with training as of today and I fly home tomorrow. Thank goodness! Mare Girl's owner's daughter called me finally last night and they are okay with the move and she is getting her teeth done Monday. Alice, Mare's owner had a stroke and is recuperating but the daughter is going to make sure that Mare is taken care of.

Mike's horses left yesterday and depending on if I sell the tractor, I may just move Cody, Aubrey, and Mare to one barn for a month. The two little ones will come home with me at the new place.

I will be excited to go into work on Monday and start my test cases so I can get my lending authority and then it will be overtime and money to take care of us.

My brother and Kylie are getting on each other's nerves so the sooner I get home the better. I have so much to do and a little over a week to do it but I am really excited.

I am trying to transfer the water over to our names and the little dinky water company is making it so difficult with their red tape that I would have gotten a home loan by now. I am really irritated and will call them tomorrow in the a.m. and find out what their problem is.

I am actually going to sleep in tomorrow which doesn't happen at all because living on a farm doesn't permit it. After we get settled I might actually go to a salon and get my haircut by a professional, the earth will tremble I am sure.

I am hoping that the people who said they were going to check out the tractor on Saturday actually show up. It will make a huge difference in getting things in place for us. I'm exhausted and it would be nice to actually be able to buy and have some things installed instead of struggling with it myself.

I am becoming travel savvy now and figured out where to order food from and I fixed the hotel printer too. I got a routine here now, I probably won't fly for another 15 years but oh well I got the hang of it now.

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