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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 17, calmer seas

Kylie had a better day today and perhaps our prayers have been answered once again. Someone stopped by to ask about buying the farm and that is good news for the farm and for the owners. I think that moving towards closer for them on the farm will help begin the healing process.

I was thinking this evening if I could stay or go to the new house I would still choose to go to the new house. A very happy family lived in the new home and it is a place that feels good and safe. The farm has had years of drama even before we came into the picture and I want a peaceful life.

Driving to the airport earlier this week gave me some flashbacks from the past. I flew out of Canton and I hadn't traveled that part of 77 in a long time. I remember driving to WV to go to my grandfather Hayward's farm, I remember driving my mom to WV, and I remember driving in that direction when we went to get my precious dog Courage and took him home with us. It seems like it was all a hundred years but just as fresh as yesterday.

I thought about Cody today for the better part of the day. It has been many years since I lived somewhere without him. I want to spend some special time with him when I get back, it will be a couple of months before I can move him close to our house and a while before I can put up a small barn. I got Cody when he was two, just a little more than a baby. We have been together a long time.

It will not be long before everything will change for all of us. I will have to say goodbye to Will and Jackson, Mare will be somewhere till her stall is ready on a farm not from us. Cody and Aubrey will go to Dave's for a month and then be moved closer.

The dogs and Nana will be anxious during the move but will be fine as long as Kylie and I are there with them.

I wait to rest, to lay my head down in a new place where there is no fear or threats. Where my daughter and animals are around me on a very quiet road in the country. I will not rest until that first night and I an feeling anticipation to end the months of uncertainty and loss.

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