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Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 18 and 19, airport hell

Yesterday I went to training for half a day and spent the rest of the day and part of the night in airports. I can only say how happy I was to come home and get tackled by Kylie and the dogs. Even Nana awoke from her very important parrot beauty sleep to great me and was just shivering with excitement and all feathers flared.

The house is a terrible mess between my daughter and brother. I started packing and cleaning but there is a long way to go. Somehow it will all come together but what I can sell or donate or throw away will be out of here as soon as I can physically do it.

Thank God for the rain and cooler temperatures, it gave me a chance to run Big Red and clear some stuff in the back, the horses have eaten the pasture down but they are not burning up at least. Better weather for labor and moving as well.

The dogs and birds are very tense as they see major change coming. They are calmer when I am watching TV or resting as it seems more normal to them than boxes flying everywhere and trash bags. I gave them all a good brushing today and they are all blowing their coats. They will all be bathed and high velocity dried in order to get the shedding down to a reasonable amount for the new house. Since the place has a three car heated garage I am setting up my table and driers in there for keeping them clean and tip top.

I walked the land today on the new place trying to plan fencing. If there is one thing I hate it is putting up fencing. The actual stringing is easy it's the marking off and running fence charges and hooking them up I hate.

We'll start small, the first thing is to get an in ground fence in for the dogs. They have plenty of room but the neighbors have ducks and that will be interesting till they get the idea that ducks are no and leave them alone.

I have to say that my excitement is building and I look forward to stepping off this place for the last time and sleep in the new place and just take a deep breath and relax.

Someone is coming tomorrow to take a look at Big Red, I was against selling my favorite thing in all the world but we don't need such a big tractor. As it turns out this guy has a smaller version of Big Red and he needs a bigger tractor, the tractor he has is a big Russian Belarus too just smaller than ours. It has been redone and it would fit into the garage. So, a little money, a tractor swap and it might be better in the long run. Big Red would get the care and fix up she needs to keep going for a long time. I think this could be another God thing as it makes the situation better for me and I won't miss Big Red as much.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day so we'll see.

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