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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 28 putting everything into motion

This move will be like domino's, all lined up and when it starts in motion everything will have to fall into place. Today hay will begin to move, horse mats and gates will move, hopefully dog fencing will be installed. This week car and truck loads and packing. Saturday morning all the horses will be hauled out and delivered, the moving truck will be picked up and people who will help will be here to load the furniture etc.

I will work all week until 5:00 and then come home and make a trip to the new place. In the meantime, horse fencing will be started by a friend who does fences for a living. The water tubs will have to be moved as well as the buckets and feeders, the picks and tack.

Things will go to the curb and trash will be put out and the burn pile stacked with things that are burnable. Dogs will be moved sometime Saturday, bunnies Friday evening, and parrots Saturday all so.

I hope and pray that Sunday will be in our new home with our animals all around and then we can begin to settle in.

It all sounds chaotic but I can remember a month ago when my world was crashing and I had no place to take any of the animals or even ourselves. I am so grateful for God's blessings and I know he is driving all of this and every domino will fall as it should till the course is run.

I am thinking Big Red has been gone over with a fine tooth comb, neighbors or the new owner have checked her out, and she has been tested and played with. Her clutch and small leaks will be worked on soon and she will be pulling logs and making me proud.

Mare went out with Aubrey and Cody yesterday and was a little perplexed at being out with the other herd but settled in as they are horses and she needs a herd. All went well and they will begin to bond as now they will be their own herd, the little ones will be their little herd on the new place, causing trouble and grief as they always do when they try and run around being stinkers. They will have a virgin pasture and a round bale all their own. I think they will be content.

The blacksmith has been called to do their hooves and the two big ones I hope to vaccinate when Mare has her teeth done tomorrow. I will catch up on dog vet checks during the fall as they have all had shots but I am not sure who and when.

The cats will be caught Thursday and Friday and transported to crates at the new place so they can start getting used to a new place. Emmie will be disjointed for awhile because she will not have a big barn to manage but a nice heated garage for winter. She is getting older and the winters are hard on her so I think she'll like the trade off.

Nana will have a beautiful sunroom filled with windows and is secure, she will not be happy that there is sliding glass doors to shut when we are in the house and her voice and protests won't be as effective.  But, her view is wonderful and the windows open for fresh air and she will be very happy. Actually, so will we, we can shut the glass sliding doors and have a sound barrier once and awhile.

Kylie's school starts next Monday so the cable folks will be at the new house Saturday afternoon, a person will have to be there to let them in. Just more domino's. She will need the internet to do her classes so it is really important that goes as planned.

The dogs will have to be bathed and trimmed this week as well, they will from now on have to be perfect little groomed gentlemen to keep the new house clean as their is carpet and lots of it and vacuuming will be more necessary. Cooper is still full of burrs so he will be the first tonight to get cleaned up.

Onward and upward is my motto for this week.

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