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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Peace about things

Today I continued to work diligently on a very complicated file, I will finish it up tomorrow and submit it for review because it is a test case. After work I packed the car up to take stuff to the new house and stopped in to talk to the barn owner where we are moving our horses Saturday. They will have their own little pasture and I can bring round bales there and everything is a co-op which means we will still be doing barn stuff.

Kylie met about 4 girls her age all doing chores and she was thrilled. Mare is doing great with my two horses and we will be working on getting more weight on her for winter.

I am now settled in my mind about this move completely. We have a much nicer home, less work to do, a place for our horses within walking distance where they will be safe and still will be able to enjoy some of the chores we have always done. Plus the barn is a trail riding barn which means maybe someday I will be able to trail ride again.

Overtime is available even for me now so once the move happens I can start working some extra hours which will insure that we will be able to be living more comfortably going forward.

Mare will be settled and gray kitty will be at home with us too so that raps up all the loose ends.

God is so good to have planned everything out so well. What was meant to harm us has turned out to be such great blessings. 

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