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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 30 a good routine

This morning was the first in a very long time that as I was getting ready for work I was relaxed, happy. I thought about leaving for work at the new place, walking out of the house into the attached garage, a brick walkway, a nice driveway. I thought to myself none of these things mattered to me, I would not have looked for them. But, here they are and my shoes will be much cleaner for work. Something so silly to think about but I can't help it. I know myself well enough to know that I will miss the grit of living the way I have for a few years now.

Our old house had few luxuries but it was ours and a good place to raise Kylie and have the animals. I learned about land and pasture there and here I learned about caring for animals, for their bodies and their souls.

Today my coworkers/friends greeted me as soon as I got in the door, they were very excited to see me and stopped by all day to help me and see how I was doing. We all talk and share experiences, both life and work stories. Because the amount of analysis and detail we must all use in reviewing loans and decisioning them we must sometimes put our heads together and use each others knowledge and experience.

I was hired as a senior underwriter and that means that I will see many loans that are too complicated or have more risk than the average loan file. I will be able to approve loans that others cannot. It is a great job in the sense that when possible I can make a difference in someones life. Getting a home loan when things haven't been perfect or families are just coming out of bad times can give them hope. Of course I must measure risk and be certain the borrowers are in a position to repay without putting them in a worse situation. A good underwriter looks for clues and the whys not just the numbers.

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