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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 12 Keys

Today I worked hard and also made phone calls to utility companies and different things to coordinate a move. I picked up the keys tonight and strangely I am happy and love the place but am not dancing on the roof top. I suppose once I start moving things and go there and sit for awhile it will sink in.

We looked at the out building that is on the property and it's cute and will certainly be enough for bit and pony, maybe with some work it could house all four temporarily, we'll see.

Kylie wanted to go to the fair but I am just too tired with working and trying to work out the details for the move. I have several things I want to list on craigslist so that we will have some cushion money to take with us. I figure if we don't use it we are not taking it.

Kylie and Uncle Greg are so excited about the house that it's really unbelievable to see them both so happy. They are leaving a small above ground pool for us and my brother is trying on swimming trunks.

The room that has everybody the most excited right now is the kitchen, here it is.

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