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Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 22, Airports

This is the last week of travel for me and today everything was on schedule. I got a lot of calls on the tractor so I am setting up appointments all day. I have come to terms with selling it and I know it will be better for all the animals because I can set them up comfortably. There will be another tractor in my future only smaller and a Belarus if I find one.

I left a long list of things for my brother and Kylie to accomplish while I'm gone to position us into the move. When I get back into town I will start a big push to get everything done. I'm excited. I'm ready to move on.

I am much more comfortable with myself and having a new life. Kylie and the animals are my life and so knowing that they will all be okay is all I need.

I will be tired for awhile but I know that by mid September everything will be in a routine and settled as far as unpacking and situating everything.

The dogs again this morning looked mournful when the suitcase came out and got packed. Poor things, they get so upset but I told them this all for them, got to buy kibble and that takes money.

I am grateful for the cooler temperatures, Philadelphia has been hot and miserable during the week. Moving is miserable when it's 90 out. I'm glad to see the grass greener too and hope for a late hay harvest to ease the burden of having a shortage.

Hopefully Friday will come fast and the flight home will be on time. I'll be done with traveling and be able to have a regular work schedule. By the time I finish my test cases and start overtime the move will be over and we will be living a new life. Thank you all for your good thoughts, prayers, and thank you Lord for delivering myself and my family. 

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