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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why have a passion for nurturing senior horses?

I love senior horses and I love to take care of them! I've met and cared for a few this past year and I hear comments like it would be better to just put them down, why let them live when they don't do anything or something similar. I've thought carefully about when you should consider making a decision to end a senior horses life should he or she not pass over on their own naturally.

First lets consider the one thing we all have in common both human and animal and that is the strong will to live. The desire to survive regardless of physical limitations, environmental obstacles, and quality of life or care. A senior horse still calls to the herd, is passionate about food, and will be spirited when waiting to go out with the rest of the herd.

A senior horse most likely has had a working life and served their master or masters well but now he may not be able to carry or pull or move in a pleasing manner yet he embraces life and raises his head and tail in the wind, enjoys the warmth of the sun, and craves attention and love from his or her master or caretaker.

There are health issues certainly and issues of pain and suffering and that is different. Loyalty to an old friend, a senior horse is important for the owner as well as the horse. It brings me great joy to care for a senior horse who is full of heart and spirit. Although they may walk slower, their vision and hearing may be less, and they certainly need to have their food softer, so what.... The air is still fresh, the sun is still warm, they still call to the herd. 

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