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Thursday, March 17, 2011

An incredible day with very good things happening

Today started out feeding horses, phone calls, and catching up with the vet for Angel. We had two very special visitors today named Emily and Carol. They had volunteered here when the farm was used for therapy to help disabled children. Lots of great memories and it is so cool to be able to share the love of this place with others.

Kylie and I had to do work at a neighboring farm and clean the paddock with lots of mud. It was a good days work and we did a pretty good job.

We raced back here to meet the Perkins family who brought us a load of hay. I love this family they have been so good to Kylie and we have all become good friends.

We cleaned our own stalls then and everyone came in and got fed. The horses had a terrific day outside and the barn was aired out from all directions. This month may prove to be the hardest financially after the long cold winter and utilities but things are picking up and I am optimistic.

Tomorrow the vet will check Angel to see how her thyroid is doing because she has been losing too much weight and in a short period of time. I'll feel better having her checked. 

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  1. So pleased your spirits are lifted. Hope Angel is alright.
    Best wishes
    Rose H