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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Lord renews my strength!

We have had some trying times here this past month with some relationship woes but the Lord has seen me through and renewed my strength. Here I sit after the worst possible news that should have broken my heart again and I'm joyful and happy.

I struggled a little last night falling to sleep but I slept peacefully. I have the gift of prophetic dreams and I had one the night before and that is what nailed the coffin for someone who has hurt me deeply in the past. His unfaithfulness and lies to everyone in his life is just prolific.

The Lord has heard my prayers and wiped my tears away. I am so happy to be here and to go and feed my horses in the barn, for the part time job that I have and all the new calls for business I have received. I am not worthy of His love or Mercy but He has seen fit to give me both abundantly. My daughter is amazing and I have true friends who care about me in my life now.

I now pray for His protection in the few months for myself, Kylie, the farm and the one who wishes to inflict more hurt. I pray he will find peace and the face of the Almighty and be transformed in Jesus's name.

For all of us, love and love big, step out upon the water and hold fast to your dreams and your beliefs. The good Lord did not put us here to play tidily winks!

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