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Friday, March 25, 2011

The rest of today

This morning was slow because we were tired after working for 14 hours yesterday. We rode Cody and Griff and his son came over to move the sofa in the barn to the upstairs loft. We moved the mowers somewhere else and he took his John Deere home. He's been working on a scooter and gave it a test ride and I came along. He's working on a motorcycle now that someone gave him and so it will be interesting to take a ride on it when he is finished, provided I can talk him into it! The picture here is one of my favorites of Griff, as you can see he can really get carried away sometimes.

The power steering fluid on Big Red is leaking so Griff is going to replace the hose for me. I emptied the spreader and we parked both the spreader and the tractor together where the sofa used to be so I don't have to hook it up all of the time. I can't wait to get the back blade from friends so I can go get rid of some ground hog holes in the pasture.

I started a fire tonight because it was cold in the barn and I just felt chilled. 

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