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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

News, snow, taxes

Taxes and plenty of raking over expenses and I have to tell you that last year things exploded as far as what you can claim on a tax return. We had so many changes and situations that fall under different categories that I am sure it will take me till the weekend to get it all sorted out. What is really challenging is doing taxes in the same room with an Umbrella Cockatoo. I usually don't get irritable with Nana but when I am trying to concentrate really hard I just want to put her cage outside. Not to mention the Cockitiel  who insists on being on my shoulder and picks at my ear and hair if I am not paying attention to her. If the IRS has issues with my return I will make sure both birds are present during the audit.

Snow... ewww, yuk, disgusting, and I could just keep going. The horses who were like really happy this morning to be out were besides themselves to get in this morning.  They got hay this evening because they were cold and damp. It wasn't bitterly cold so I guess I was okay with it as long it is like gone right away.

News.... it looks that for certain we will be having a equine massage class here the first week of May. It is also possible that an opportunity for expanding my experience with dog training is possible. I feel really good about both. 

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