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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ridiculously cold, Angel, and fat horses

Okay, I'm cold and I'm tired of it. The morning isn't bad because the sun is bright but the afternoon and evening are just to cold to do anything meaningful outside. I am SICK of this! Whining I know.

Angel is really feeling good because she went from being really blah to I will run you over just because I feel like it. So, time to exercise her and get into shape and burn off some of that attitude.

Fat, well plump horses are everywhere these days. Cody ate so much hay from his round bale yesterday he actually laid down in the pasture. Some horses do this all of the time but I have never seen Cody do this ever. He truly looked content. Everyone is eating their fill of hay these days except Satire who eats some but has his Purina Senior to gobble up and then waddle around the barn.

Aubrey is putting on some nice weight too and his fur is nice and shiny. Angel will be in tip top shape soon too and her coat looks great. One last not, Preacher always walks out of his tall and slowly down the arena through the back gate. He is very stiff jointed and just has to loosen up. This morning when I turned him loose he galloped outside, really. Now that is happiness. 

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