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Used to run a stable and live on a farm, now I am back into banking for awhile. Still have horses and love animals.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunshine is the best medicine

I worked on the phones today and did okay. Took a ride to Brunswick, went to the feed store, stopped at a paper outlet, and then hit Walmart for a couple of minutes.

Meanwhile, back at the farm... we cleaned the stalls, I cleaned the block building a little and we took Cody out and saddled him up. He is such a sweet boy. Kylie and I both road for about 45 minutes total. Cody started trying to cut corners with Kylie and go slow when she wanted him to go fast. All good opportunities for her to learn to correct him without having an issue.

We brushed Aubrey and picked his hooves out and practiced having him raise his feet for us so he can be good for the blacksmith.

We fed the horses and back into the house to have some food ourselves and rest for awhile before doing something else. It's so nice that it is almost 8 o'clock and it's still light out. It does make you feel so much better when the sun is out and the temperature us reasonable. Less mud would also be nice but I'll take what we had today and be thankful! 

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