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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pet Loft, Round bales, and other mischief

I have a client who told me to visit the Pet Loft in Bath awhile ago and I kept putting it off. Well I went over for a visit last week. Since then I have had more contacts and networking than I have in months. There is also a possibility I can help someone out temporarily and at the same time they will be helping me out. When I spoke this person, I couldn't believe it when she started thanking God, I mean in a serious sort of way and I knew it could be a good thing.

Okay, round bales.... all I can say is I have some very happy horses. They can't wait to go out and they are satisfied when they come in at 6:00. I am not going through bales and bales of hay and the stalls look great. Yes, this is a very good thing. I have one in the sacrifice paddock which has great drainage and is basically very solid ground and the other under the old oak tree. The rest of the grass that is trying to grow is mostly being left alone which was the plan. The horses are extremely content doing what horses do best, nomming hay all day long!

Mischief... who me? Well maybe...

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