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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dog fur

I was really ambitious today and started trimming my own dogs! Since they will soon start shedding their coats in massive amounts I thought I'd reduce some what will fall out.

Many people don't know that shaving a coat on a dog can possibly ruin it for life. I have two goldens and a sheltie which spells lots of hair and feathers on legs etc. Micah is a collie mix but has fur more like a smooth coated collie.

I prefer not to shave my dogs coats down but to trim it with scissors or use a clipper with a special shield that prevents it from being cut short.

I trimmed all their feet and nails today and trimmed Dustie and he got a bath. The other two long haired dogs will get some suds tomorrow. I have a nice drier to blow their coats out too. House cleaning will now be easier.

I plan on shaving the pony and mini this year professionally to see if I can become skilled in doing horse coats. I have the clippers and am going to try to systematically shave them . They both look like two round puff balls with hooves.  

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