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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Terrific day here at the farm

I've been busy building another blog and haven't kept up with the farm news! It's rained and snowed and thawed here. I thought I blew out my windshield wiper motor but didn't thank goodness. Griff came over to coach me and we found the fuse that blew.

I practiced backing with a horse trailer at a friends house and will be driving her SUV and trailer tomorrow with a horse in it!!

We had a wonderful day in the barn today. Kylie is moving up to riding Aubrey with just reins and a halter with one of us leading him. Kylie sat his trot for the first time and had been studying posting and seems to have it right off the bat. Then we pulled old man Cody out for some fun. Kylie road him around and cantered for the first time. He's so gentle and sweet and patient. I'm so proud of him now because he is a great horse for her to build confidence on while working with Aubrey.

I rode Cody too and I managed to get my old self pulled up in the saddle without the mounting block. It wasn't graceful but I did it anyway, twice! I really enjoyed the ride and so wish I could do it every day.

Shirley was such a help and a patient teacher. I never learned much about riding except the basics and so between the three of us I think Aubrey will turn out splendid. Next we are going to throw an english saddle on Cody for Kylie to work on balance while Aubrey goes through his basic training.

Kylie and I went to a teen/parent relationship meeting at church and I am so grateful for what they were teaching. I only wish  my mom would have taken time and I could have learned about Godly relationships when I was a young women. Kylie's life is opening up now and she has really been blessed by God. He is a good Father!  

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