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Friday, March 25, 2011

Farm sits, pet sits, supplies and horsey curiosity

We fed the horses went to a neighboring farm and let their horses out and then went to a pet sit gig. Afterwards, we went back to our farm and let our horses out and then returned to the other farm and cleaned stalls. Next was TLC, the bank, and back to our barn to drop off feed. We jumped back into the truck and off to get the last of the sawdust we bought and brought it back and unloaded it into the barn.

We got an invite out to a late lunch and then cruised around Wadsworth for awhile. When we were dropped off back at the barn we ran down to another farm and picked up another round bale. Kylie and I dumped it out in the big pasture for the other herd to graze on tomorrow.

Observe the horse above stalking us before we get the bale off the truck! We picked the stalls and fed them and returned home to get warm. It was a busy day and pretty cold out actually, especially when the wind blows.

Tomorrow will be a day to catch up on school work, house cleaning and a pet sit. I hope to ride Cody and Kylie and I will have to work Aubrey as this week we haven't had time. Kylie will probably try riding him again Sunday while we have Shirley around for extra help. He's starting to fill out more and he is doing well with our little herd of buddies. I am glad he is starting to bond.

Angel looks great and will be out chasing geldings away from the hay in no time.

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