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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Angel has her day!

Angel started dropping weight, then started loosing it more rapidly and her energy level plummeted. I changed her feeding program and also called her caretakers to schedule a vet visit. She was on thyroid medicine and hadn't had her blood checked in at least three years plus she had foundered in the past.

The good news for Angel is she doesn't need the thyroid medicine and the feeding program is putting weight back on her. She had a pocket on the side of her face due to a tooth issue. As far as anyone knows she hadn't had any dentistry work done in several years and she is 25. It is really important with senior horses to have their teeth checked regularly.

Since the blood work came back with no real issues, Dr. Naso was ready to work on Angel's teeth. This picture looks really scary but Angel was sedated and she had a special piece of equipment in her mouth to keep it open while Dr. Naso worked on her teeth. Angel had several dental issues going on which prevented her from properly chewing and getting the most out of her food.

Once the Dr. was finished, Angel immediately started to eat hay in her stall which we removed for an hour so she could come out of the sedation. The procedure didn't kill her appetite that's for sure. She should be able to get more out of her food and she is officially on Purina Senior which is an awesome food for putting on weight. She is getting some corn oil and will be starting with some beet pulp tomorrow to fortify her even more. I also have added a complete supplement to her diet.

Soon she will have enough energy to be queen of the herd and let Preacher know who's boss!
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