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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Enjoying the arena

Nana being nice!
Today I worked my hours, I notarized something for a friend, dog sat Scrappy, and spread manure. I also cooked a decent dinner and Nana threw a plate of vegetables at me while I was trying to say grace! She didn't want veggies she wanted pasta and I can tell you that her picture does not appear under the word patient in the dictionary.

Kylie and I had some fun in the arena this evening while cleaning stalls by playing with horses and watching them play with each other.

Bit and pony are always fun to watch as they get into mischief regularly. Echo and Aubrey played like children together and this was the first time they were put together alone. Old Cody man didn't really care about doing much.

It's nice to actually hang out and do fun things instead of always worrying or working. 

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