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Monday, March 21, 2011

Run Preacher run! Saddle Oil? Chaos and other nonsense

I was so excited this morning to let Preacher and Echo out to munch the giant round bale in the paddock but.... Preacher was afraid to go near it! He hid in the arena and Echo was behind him because they thought it was a strange looking greenish predator. I walked out and grabbed a handful of hay and then the two horses were thinking about mugging me for it!

Daniel decided to lick the bucket with the saddle oil in it that I used to soak my bridle. Now we have a really smelly Golden Retriever with a very oily backside. This too shall pass.

Anyone who could call or be disruptive today did and Kylie and I went to the big pasture and prayed together. It's hard to choose to do what is right and it can bring persecution but God promises peace and protection. I refuse to live in fear any longer so I am ignoring the chaos and other nonsense that from time to time seems to creep into my life. In spite of what was meant to harm me out of another persons anger, I am still happy and feel blessed. 

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