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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The poop, Cooper, & good things

Working on another horse farm is interesting but filled with lots of poop I mean manure :) Kylie and I have it to a fine science now doing chores for the horses, donkey, sheep, bird, and dogs. All very interesting to learn from and it seems sheep really like me when I have a bucket full of corn.

I see sheep in my future as I really like them and think Cooper and Micah would like them too as that is what their bred for, to herd sheep. Cooper came to us fat and hardly able to walk fast which isn't good for a Sheltie. Tonight he did relay laps from the other room into the living room and did a complete loop on the couch at full speed. I'm happy to see him be all he can be.

Uncle Greg who doesn't want me to blog about him is really a gem. He bought groceries for us this weekend and helped with the chores and made me laugh. Griff brought us snacks and shared something he found that was very interesting.

I went to observe an instructor teaching a dog trick class and found it just wonderful. I'd like to learn to teach the class and the property here would be ideal for some dog classes. Tomorrow taxes again and it's ugly because I liquidated some retirement funds to invest in this place and the penalties are high.

I will be making calls about some more work and I also have a client I need to visit. This  month has to be productive for us to survive. I am hoping the folks who came to look at a stall will decide to come with us as that will ease the burden. I have shots and blacksmith stuff for four horses of my own now. Spring is always tough with the animals because it's vaccination, heart worm and more.  

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