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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 11 first time in a year I've felt better

I woke up this morning feeling great. I didn't go to bed early and slept okay but I woke up sideways in the bed completely hemmed in by dogs. It was weird, I usually go to sleep and wake up in the same spot.

I read every manual and guideline I could today at work and studied to get the lending criteria back in my head. I am starting to understand the processes for this company, the system, and the expectations instead of just hearing information and trying to piece it together. It is hard to focus when you are being bombarded with so much information but now it is settling down in my mind.

Boarders are coordinated for their move out, I am going to boarding barns over the weekend to find a place that is right for Mare Girl. I'm listing things on Craigslist that we don't need and can use the cash for the move.

Our official see ya later date is the weekend of the 26th. and I will be gone for training part of it the time during the weeks to come.

I am sending out a request to everyone for the week of the 26th if you can help with moving it would be greatly appreciated.

I will have to find someone to move big red and the manure spreader but I think I know someone already.

Tomorrow is my birthday and the day we should get the keys. I also now officially have health insurance coverage, eye and dental as of tomorrow. It should be a pretty good day.

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