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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I found Cooper at the shelter, I had always wanted a Sheltie and there he was waiting for me. The shelter had his previous owners number so I called her and this is what she told me.

Cooper was bought in Amish country by a family and they had kids and wanted to get rid of him so they gave him to this woman. The woman had several dogs and had to move so she had her boyfriend drive him to the shelter and leave him.

Cooper was 45lbs when we brought him home, his legs were bowed, his gums were swollen, he couldn't jump on a chair or run. I cleaned his teeth and put him on a diet. Cooper can jump very high now and out run any of the other dogs.

Cooper was painfully shy, he would follow me but wouldn't snuggle, he was grieving. Worst of all he was afraid of men taking him, he would hide from my brother the minute my brother walked towards the door.

Cooper would panic if he were put in a car and you would try and walk away. He was afraid he'd be dumped again.

I love Cooper dearly and through this hole thing it bothers me the most if I ever had to find him a home. We are very close, he sleeps with me and snuggles, and after two years he will lay on his back and fall asleep while I hold him in complete peace.

Like Daniel, Cooper hangs on my every footstep.

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