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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Okay, crazy idea that's the mood I'm in

Someone today asked me if the divorce judge who is basically out to get me knows what we do here. As it turns out there are only two judges in Summit county divorce court and I know it is a man judge based on what the owner told me when he said the judge was out to scalp me.

No of course the judge doesn't know, he is tired of the two fighting in court and after six years just is through. Of course, he thinks I am a low life and has not a clue what we have done in the past two years. On the court website it said something about working with Catholic Charities which does a wonderful job. I guess he is an okay guy in a bad situation.

Here is my crazy idea, does he need to know what he is really doing? As long as I have lived here or would ever live here I'd help people and animals, also someday I want to help abused children with the help of animals.

If I could with help come up with some of the purchase price and ask for six months more and better yet if people would let the judge know this will hurt me, a 15 year old girl, and all of these animals do you think he'd try at least. I have a great job with a great salary. Financing is just a little bit away.

I found the judge information on the Summit county website and here it is:

Judge Carol J. Dezso - Judge John P. Quinn

Chief Magistrate Allen G. Carter, Sr.205 S. High St., Akron, Ohio 44308

The two fighting in court are Timothy and Victoria Frost. 

I would be tempted to call a news channel but with the way things are I know they wouldn't even think about helping, there are too many people in need. Would it be embarrassing for the world to know the whole story? 

I keep trying to think of ways to save us, I've called on properties and I am getting nowhere. All of these animals have to pay for my bad judgement and a situation that was created long before we moved here. Okay, I'll say it. It isn't fair. 

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