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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 4, can there be any sense of normalcy

I couldn't wait to go to work today just to have a sense of normalcy and routine, I was assigned temporarily to audit files in which I have a great deal of experience. The auditing allows me to negotiate the system I will use to underwrite and get a feel for the files and decision process. I was in heaven just being productive and useful.

I received several phone calls today on the whole issue of this place and a lot of information is coming up that conflicts. It really is looking like the best thing that could happen is for us to get away from this place and start over. Again, the animals are my greatest concern. The sellers are planning on trying to sell this place for even more that they were two years ago which an appraisal would not support. Sadly, it will sit here for a long time.

This is a difficult time in more ways than just the fight itself, it's a very negative situation and filled with very good people who are very supportive and those who are very self centered. I am doing my best to shield myself from the negative people and experiences but I'm tired now and it's hard.

The dogs were very concerned last night as I moved my suitcase around and they thought I was leaving again. Such sad faces, I had to reassure them. They were happy to see me this evening and will be happy with me in a routine of coming and going.

Kylie is very tired today as yesterday took a lot out of us both. Some may wonder why I took her with me to court and I had a few reasons. Kylie is 15 now and I have told her everything because she needs to know about what is potentially going to happen. She would have sat at home crying and afraid the whole time I was gone and I felt it was better that she see and hear for herself instead of waiting and having me explain it all. Plus, the things we fear the most we are better off in the end facing. Learning to trust God in times like this isn't easy but necessary. Kylie came away with an education and an experience of seeing the reality of how the legal system works etc. I know Lloyd would not allow us to be totally defaced or attached in court and we had each other, I had no one else to stand with me as I know they wouldn't allow one of the dogs to come :)

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