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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Nana may not be beautiful to anyone else to me but indeed I find her just beautiful and precious. I was checking out Petfinder for fun and searched birds. This face popped up and the minute I looked into her eyes I felt something.

I submitted an adoption application never thinking I would have a chance since I didn't have large parrot experience. We went through a house visit, reference checks, and required classes. Then Nana came to live with us. Here is her story.

A woman called the rescue and said she found a Cockatoo on her front porch so the rescuer caught Nana and fostered her, the rescue named her Bella. Nana had been abused and neglected as  you can see she plucked her feathers and she had some serious behavioral issues. When Nana would get upset in the beginning she would scream Aflac shut up and all kinds of Aflac negative things etc.

One day Kylie and I were sitting there and Nana was happy and she said Annabelle is a good bird, Annabelle is a pretty bird. Nana is about 40-50 years old, she doesn't have a breeders band so she might have been caught in the wild. Over time we gather the facts from her, she belonged to someone called momma, her original name was Annabelle and she was fed a variety of things due to her instant recognition of certain people foods. She was abused, scared, and angry at times.

Her vocabulary is vast and to let you know how smart she is, she will say come back (or scream it) when I walk to the barn, if I am eating something she wants she will tell me I want, I want. I could go on forever. She is very special and precious and a brat too.

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