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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day two of countdown

One barn cat caught one more to go, I got some interesting leads for Mare Girl and also some people interested in helping my situation. Some friends and some just some folks who know what we do here or just want to help. Nothing has come together yet but it is nice to know people care and tomorrow is my court date for the eviction. My attorney will be there and I have to admit I am sick to my stomach just going to the court but I must face it.

Thank you to all who read my posts and try to keep my spirits up. I feel so alone and helpless, it makes me feel better knowing there are people who are concerned.

I am struggling with trying to do all the things around here that must be done like packing, I suppose it's depression. I took a stab and having a somewhat normal evening and rented some movies for Kylie and I to watch, it was okay but still things just hang over our heads.

Kylie's dad came to see her yesterday and he took the truck out with her to drive. She was nervous but proud and of course she handles it real well.

The flies are bad in the barn, Josh who helps with the barn chores came out this afternoon and we cleaned up a bit and I hung a fly trap in Mare Girls stall. Senior horse feed always attracts lots of flies when it is hot. I hung a stall fan for her yesterday and she is more comfortable now. I have a hard time walking her in and out of the barn, I just feel so bad about things. Same with my own animals. They love me no matter what and that is hard to bare sometimes.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I am braced for the worst and I hope some of the inquiries I have made into properties and other things will bring some news. 

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