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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A peaceful fourth, the dark side

Today is so hot and humid, the horses are out now because the day was just to hot to let them out in the sun. I stayed in the house and cleaned and organized. It is important to get things in order while I'm gone or if we have to move soon.

I actually for the first time in a long time enjoyed being in the house and just doing regular things even watching a couple of movies. I like this little house, it's cozy and easy to clean. I had to do fly patrol though because there are just so many like fly season. The dogs scattered and Nana was very invisible, the reason is a crazy woman was obsessed with pacing around the house with a rolled up newspaper eliminating flies. I greatly diminished the fly population today with my rampage.

The dark side, today God showed a truth to me. Most people believe in God but not in an enemy who wages war in the spiritual realm. A battle has been going on here since I moved in and although God has blessed me and protected me, sent wonderful people at the perfect times to help us, the enemy has used some people very effectively to put up blocks, obstacles, and systematically has all but destroyed any hope for surviving here.

Now, are these people aware of what they have done? I don't know but I do know God will search their hearts. I sense jealousy, spite, and resentment even for the very fact that God has blessed me but the great deceiver can certainly make things seem one way when they are actually another. If the things that have transpired where deliberate I will pray for the those who has been unjust, I feel I am still better off than someone who would hurt so deliberately regardless of what happens here at the farm. Again, I do know God will search hearts and reveal truth. 

I also pray that the Lord will deliver me from the enemy and the people he has used to cause such destruction. I am not saying I am blameless and haven't made mistakes, I ask the Lord for forgiveness and guidance for myself but I really believe he has shown me another perspective of the way things have been leading up to this point.

The rest of the week looks brutal as far as heat. I hope it ends soon and I pray for the people who don't have air conditioning especially seniors. I know nature is a cycle and regardless of advanced technology we as humans are still are at the mercy of weather and nature and the generations before us have gone through all of this at one point or another but it is still hard to endure. 

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