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Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 10, a runaway train

Today I went to work which was great, they bring food in for us almost every day and I love the group of people I came in with, we have a good time. I have some more training to do this month and then I'll be given credit authority.

I worked on utilities and talked to Lloyd, the lease should be ready by tomorrow or Wednesday and keys Wednesday night. I also talked to someone who is a friend of a friend who is a super person. It may work out that Cody and Aubrey will stay with her and she is moving to the same township we are going to live in.

This weekend I will work on something good for Mare Girl. I really want a small barn situation for her, I will call the people who look in on her and ask them to start looking too. I need to take pictures too and send them to the rescue because she could end up being adopted.

Nana will have a beautiful sunroom to watch the world and nice windows with screens for her to enjoy the fresh air.

There is a pond next door with ducks, I am pretty sure that Micah will go crazy when he sees them.

I am so exhausted I can hardly keep my eyes open but I am not depressed or scared anymore, I am nervous about the move and just how I will swing everything. I have to have faith now though because it's all just happened and two weeks ago it was just hopeless. 

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