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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 5, I've made a decision

I don't love this place anymore because it has been nothing but grief for so long. I love the animals and the land but there isn't thing left to want here. The seller is just out of his mind thinking he is going to get enough money out of this place to bail himself out at the tune of $240k. If I could buy the place tomorrow I wouldn't even think about paying that much for it, not even close.

So, I am packing in earnest, Mare Girl has a couple of options, I may have a private home for her to go to or if it comes to a place to board I have to find some place that will except $285 a month which means she'll probably be a little further south than Medina.

My attorney will fight for anything he can to as far as time so that we have enough time to move. In the midst of this I have to travel again in August for 2 weeks. I will be needing a tremendous amount of man power for the move at some point here.

As of today I haven't landed a place to rent but friends are making every effort to find a place. I have been scouring the internet till late at night. I pray for the best but the best can't start until we walk out of this place and the ugliness it carries with it.

My job is what makes this all bearable, no more going hungry, no more selfish people. I can meet the needs of  my daughter and my animals (they may have to go somewhere temporarily) but where their is a will their is away.

I will also say that as I leave this place, I will leave behind the mistakes, the hardship, the negative experiences with people (I never have any with pets LOL). As the bible says let the dead bury the dead. 

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