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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heat and storms

Thank you all for your prayers and inspiring comments. My attorney called me this morning and is working hard on a strategy to keep us here a little longer. I am selling my pick up truck and my sister is trying to put together some funds for either a way to move or resolve the back lease payments. Being such a small stable, I lost two months board income when a boarder decided to move out and couldn't move any horses in for two months to replace the income because they hadn't left yet (complicated story) I couldn't replace the income to make the lease payments and it just shot us down. If I would have not fallen into that position until June we would have made it. I couldn't find a job that really paid enough until now.

At this point, legally I have no way of stopping this from happening unless I can come up with funds or my attorney finds something to fight with. Some days I am resolved to hold onto hope and there are other days, knowing the situation, that I feel I must face the inevitable.

I trust God in this and I pray but it is a very traumatic thing to experience. It has taken it's tole on my emotions I can't lie. Anyway, keep praying and I will keep bouncing things off walls to find a way.

It's hot, I mean stinking humid. A tornado warning no less today for us. Kylie was a trooper and we stayed in touch while I was at work to make sure the horses where in and Kylie was prepared just in case.

The ground is rock hard, everything is like straw and the air is thick. It is not ideal weather by any stretch of the imagination.

Molly girl looks much better today and her open skin is starting to heal and calm down. I didn't spray her down tonight but will do so in the morning. She loves her new food.

I switched Mare's senior food and I am seeing really good results, to my surprise there is less manure in her stall, a lot less. I think she is digesting more, the urine is less also. She is on a senior feed that has no corn or molasses in it but a lot of other really good stuff and she likes it.

On the up note, the job is great. I am so happy to get back into underwriting and the company and atmosphere is awesome. The earning potential is through the roof (just too late). The car I have now is easy to fill up and a tank lasts a week. Saving lots, and lots of money with this car.

Everyone needs to pray for Mare girl by the way, the owner hasn't paid her board for this month, hasn't called and her caretakers that visit her have disappeared. If I have to leave I don't know what will happen to her, I can't find her a place to board if they have abandoned her and I am not even sure she could survive a move. I just don't know what to say or do right now about Mare.

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