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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lloyd, a good friend and awesome attorney

I called my attorney Lloyd today for an update. He has worked very hard, very fast to come up with a way to work the situation out. He is amazing not because he is a dedicated attorney who is very capable but because he is moral, caring, and works for justice. Lloyd is fair minded and honest, I know he will be honest with me about my chooses and the possible outcomes both good and bad. In short, I can trust him.

On a side note, my daughter had a very intense conversation with her dad that surprised even me. Her father has four children total and she is the baby. Things have not always been fair for her, she never asks him for anything much actually very little. She is going to be fifteen next week and she has been learning to drive with the truck, she feels the truck should be hers. I have to sell it to raise funds but she really doesn't want it to be sold. Her point is what will she drive while I am at work, also, we will have to buy another truck for her and the farm when we own this one free and clear. She asked her dad to buy the truck, of course he said no. 

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