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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A beautiful day

It was a nice temperature outside and sunshine! I mowed the lawn at lunch time and got it all done. I took a nap after work and then got up and went to the barn to see Cody.

I rode him a little bit and had such a relaxing time. Both Aubrey and Cody look great and their coats are shinier then they have ever been. Just beautiful and weight is just right. Kylie road Aubrey bareback for a few minutes. She still isn't over her sinus problem.

I had a really good day, I am so happy to get to ride some, pet and love on Cody and give him treats. The horses enjoyed the attention and even being ridden. How fortunate to be able to keep them and enjoy them. I love them both.

Pony and Bit go out early in the morning and eat grass, they come in their little barn and nap and go back out whenever they feel like it. The romp around sometimes and roll, they stand in the cool rain and come in if it really pours. The both look great, Pony looks better now than he ever has. Bit, always has looked fabulous with his little conformation and prancing self. 

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