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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Strawberries, sunshine, and the dentist

I added Kylie to my dental insurance, seems she's not covered by her dad anymore. She hadn't gone in a couple of years so I took her today, she has some cavities. She had to wear an ex pander for a few years now and that added to the problem. So, we'll be back to see the dentist soon.

I picked strawberries this evening and froze the, of course I ate some and Nana ate some. I cleaned the ponies stall out and fluffed it up. They always go in there when the sun goes down and wait for me to lock the gate. The still come when they are called, smart little stinkers.

I'm sleepy now, I worked hard, ran Kylie around and did my chores, and I am ready to go to bed now. Tomorrow I am meeting up with the family that boards our horses and going to a 4H meeting in Lorain county. I might help out and it will be good for Kylie, she doesn't want to go, it's a sore spot with her but we need to go so she can meet other teenagers. I think it will be a better experience for her than she thinks, hopefully people won't recognize our last name and she can be known for herself instead of the drama that goes along with being a Riedel.

Maybe next year she can be show Little Bit, that would be nice. 

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